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BREXIT changed quite a lot!

However, I do have an Irish passport so I can housesit in Europe without issue concerning length of stay and VISA’s etc…!

all housesits I take through Trusted Housesitters will always be in line with their code of conduct: “sitting for free in exchange for worldwide accommodation and a home away from home with the companionship of pets.” 

When I first started housesitting I was a freelance developer. My situation changed during COVID like many people and now I mostly dedicate my time to looking after people’s houses and pets with the occasional development project. It has become quite an artful balance and it is a process that I deeply enjoy but it is not for everyone.

In order for the shorter housesits to be viable, I have started charging – this is mostly to cover transport costs but also to subsidise the income that has dropped off since COVID.

For example travelling from the UK to the South of France with a car costs between £600-800 depending upon fuel prices and rising tolls. A trip that is not sustainable for a short housesit – but can be incorporated into a longer housesit. I survive on what I need and an income of less than £12k per year easily sustains the simplicity of the lifestyle and the only major cost is travel. I do not want for much and nor do I need it – a simple life I have discovered is the key to a happy life!

If you would like to take advantage of this service it will be outside the Trusted Housesitters community and platform – all housesits I take through Trusted Housesitters will always be in line with their code of conduct: “sitting for free in exchange for worldwide accommodation and a home away from home with the companionship of pets.” 


I am available for shorter housesits but I ask for a minimum of £250 per sit that is less than two months long. Thereafter I charge £25 per day beyond the first week. 

You will receive a very professional service based on trust and a long history of only 5 star reviews. The professionalism is not about presenting an image of what i am not… it is being clear and transparent about who I am.


If you are interested in my services as a house-sitter for longer than two months I am open to discussion.

I do my best to keep the website up to date, however, there may be lapses at times – so please in order to get a full picture of my availability contact me. You can use the form below, or send me an email.

I am happy to come and meet you before a house sit if I am close and have the availability to do so otherwise as is most often the case we can meet over Zoom/Skype/Facetime/Hangouts/Whatsapp or whichever technology you prefer.


  • Booked until April 2023.
  • Next availability from April 2023

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Please use the contact form provided if you wish to inquire about scheduling a house sit. Otherwise, if you prefer sending an email use the email below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. If for any reason you are not getting a response – please use one of the house-sitting sites.


Russell looked after our house wonderfully. Our dog, Paddy, loved being looked after by Russell. Paddy had obviously been walked and exercised well and looked extremely fit on our return. He had been looked after so nicely, that he sulked when Russell left. We were extremely grateful to Russell that everything on our return was perfect. We will definitely try to book Russell again when we go away.

AMANDA – ANOTHER Happy Home Owner –Cranbrook, UK